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After opening this web page, we will work with you to allow you to share your desktop so we can support you. 



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Fully automated, immediate remote support is now available!
Our fully trained, skilled technicians are available to login and assist you with whatever computer problems you may be experiencing.

You can get started quickly and easily by clicking here and following the instructions.
(advanced users may use either of these links to download and run the installation manually: anySiteSupportInstall.exe or anySiteSupportInstall.msi)

Then simply call us at 218-724-2903 or 1-800-619-5793 and one of our skilled support technicians will join you on your computer to assist you with your support needs.

You may also email us at to schedule a time to work with us.

You may also send us a video clip of what you are seeing by using

You may also send us a still clip of what you are seeing by using